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This was the best medical treatment I have ever received. After years of getting nowhere I was listened to and treated perfectly and with respect. I cannot recommend highly enough.
Alan Peterson, Tonbridge
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We are the
UK Spine Centre

Based at the Harley Street Hospital in London, we are a world leading team of specialists providing a 5 star experience and results for people with back problems who value the very best treatment and care. That’s why our patients travel from around the world and all corners of the UK for our diagnosis and treatment.

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4 simple steps to a
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Need treatment? Follow our 4 step approach to a pain-free back



Tell us about your problem. We will ask you questions and examine you.

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Appropriate high quality imaging arranged by your specialist. Often same day.

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Guaranteed accurate diagnosis leads to appropriate treatment.

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The pathway to recovery. All treatment options available and discussed.

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Review from Top Doctors
Mr Caspar Aylott was extremely professional and friendly at all times from the initial free 15 minute phone consultation through to successfully repairing my spine following a fall. he explained the procedures available at the spine clinic very clearly for me.
Jane Phillips, Derby
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Review from Top Doctors

FREE 15 minute consultation

If you’re not sure then book a FREE 15 minute telephone consultation with one of our spine consultants, or just call us with any questions you may have

We’re here to answer your questions

We understand this might be the first time you’ve seen a specialist. Fortunately we see lots of different people and are familiar with the type of questions we often get asked.

  • Why do I need to see a Spinal Surgeon?

    • A spinal surgeon is the complete expert on spinal diagnosis and treatment. The spinal surgeon or specialist has the greatest knowledge of how your spine works and is therefore best placed to advise on all possible forms of treatment whether this is physiotherapy, injections, or surgery. More than 90% of our patients are managed successfully without surgery.

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  • Do I need a referral?

    • No. Many of the people we see self refer. You do not need a letter from your GP. We are most interested in what you have to tell us. However, we do appreciate letters from anyone who has looked after you such as GPs, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths etc. and will write back to them, summarising your problems, if you wish. This helps to maintain excellent continuity of care.

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  • Do you see insured patients?

  • How quickly can I be seen?

  • Can I bring someone with me?

  • Will there be time to ask questions?

    • Absolutely. We make a point of giving our patients as much time as they need and we will always encourage you to ask us questions. Decisions are made in discussion and partnership with you.

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  • Is my age a factor?

    • No rarely. We see a very broad range of ages from children to great grandparents. Our patients are individuals and we consider them as such. Your overall fitness is much more important than age when considering treatments. We routinely operate on patients well into their eighties and our experience with minimally invasive techniques and advanced regional anaesthetic techniques (avoiding the need for old fashioned general anaesthesia) extends what is possible.

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  • Can you provide painkillers?

  • Do you offer physiotherapy?

  • Do you provide spine injections?

    • Absolutely. We are highly experienced in performing all types of spinal injection from neck to lower back and coccyx. We routinely offer sedation so injections are completely comfortable and stress free. Real time imaging is always used to ensure injections are accurate and safe.

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  • Will I be offered an operation?

    • Hopefully not. In more than 90% of cases we are able to resolve problems without the need for surgery. We will always advise what is best for your back and consider surgery a last resort.

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  • How long will I wait for treatment or surgery?

  • Do you offer day case spinal surgery?

    • Yes. We actually specialise in offering day case spinal surgery and the majority of our patients go home on the same day. We are one of a very few places in the UK or indeed the World where this is possible. We achieve this by combining minimal access approaches to the spine with special local and regional anaesthetic techniques avoiding the traditional strong general anaesthesia.

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  • Will you write to my GP or physical therapist?

    • Yes. We always write comprehensive clinic letters which summarise your problems, diagnosis, prognosis, and the best treatment options discussed. We routinely send these letters to your GP and anyone else who has provided you care unless you would prefer otherwise. Most importantly, you will receive these clinic letters which you will find helpful to read and keep. It is often very useful to show these letters to medical practitioners in the future.

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  • Is it expensive?

    • No. You are putting your health problems first and choosing to see a first class specialist in a world renowned centre. Our prices are comparable with other Independent health care providers in the UK. We will always be open and transparent about costs so there are no surprises.

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  • Can I get treatment for back pain through the NHS?

    • Generally not. Unless you have a serious or life threatening spinal problem it is unlikely that the NHS will help you. Back pain is not a treatment priority in the NHS due to cost and resources. You are unlikely to be offered an MRI in the NHS for uncomplicated sounding back pain. Increasingly treatments such as injections are no longer offered or available due to resource rationing. More specialist treatments such as laser discectomy may not be available at all.

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  • Do you offer patient finance?

    • We recognise that there may be significant costs involved with providing care particularly if you require surgery. We endeavour to make these costs as competitive and affordable as possible to make our service accessible to more people. Please ask our team about our flexible patient finance options which may be available to you.

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