Our Facilities

The UK Spine Centre is based at the renowned Harley Street Hospital in London. As you would expect, our facilities are exceptional and help us provide our patients with the very best treatment and experience.


Our operating theatres at the Harley Street Hospital are equipped with the very best technology. This helps to ensure that procedures and operations are performed safely and successfully.

Noteworthy facilities include:

  • Radiolucent operating tables allowing 360 degree intra-operative spinal imaging. This is particularly important for instrumented cases and navigation.
  • High lux static and mobile lighting options improve visualisation particularly with keyhole/minimally invasive surgical approaches.
  • Zeiss optical microscopes produce crystal clear ‘pin sharp’ imaging.
  • High resolution flat screen monitors display real time imaging.
  • High flow Positive pressure air filtration reduces the risk of infections.

Private Rooms

Before and after any procedure patients have a private room to relax and recover. Ward nurses and doctors are on hand to manage all eventualities and ensure a safe and comfortable visit.

Our specialists remain available and will see you again on the ward after your procedure. Discharge planning is well organised with both the provision and explanation of medications from our pharmacist. Our physiotherapists may advise further on the do’s and don’ts once home.

Waiting Area

We understand that having a medical problem and seeking a specialist opinion can be stressful. Our waiting areas are designed to help you relax.

Our waiting areas are quiet and never too busy. Comfortable seating, pleasant decoration and music help to create a pleasant and relaxing space. Interesting reading material is provided and hot and cold refreshments freely available.


Our specialists can arrange all types of high resolution imaging including Xrays, MRI and CT.

Often imaging can be pre-arranged for the same day, avoiding the need for multiple visits.

  • Xray – This includes different types of Xray which may be taken in a static lying down or standing position, depending on request.
  • Dynamic imaging – is also utilised with bending films allowing the position of the spine to be assessed both under load and through a range of different postures.
  • EOS – The Harley Street Hospital is one of the very few centres in the UK and indeed Europe which has an EOS Xray machine. This technology allows us to quickly capture simultaneous biplanar images of the whole spine and create a 3D reconstruction. This advanced type of imaging is very helpful when thoroughly assessing complex spinal problems which may effect the global balance of the spine as a whole.
  • MRI – We have multiple resolution options when considering MRI including 1.5T, 3T, 5T, or more powerful, with different sequencing possibilities to better show spinal pathologies. We can also introduce contrast agents to better define some types of problem, such as in patients who have had previous surgery.
  • Open MRI – This can be arranged on request for patients who suffer with claustrophobia.
  • CT – Fine cut high resolution CT imaging is often very helpful in showing bony anatomy in the spine, judging the position of spinal implants, and assessing fusion.


We have a brilliant team of ‘in hospital’ based physiotherapists who work closely with our specialists. This makes for great communication within the team, continuity of care, and convenience for our patients.


The Harley Street Hospital has its own Pharmacy department and Pharmacist so we are able to prescribe medications and analgesia which may be helpful for your spinal problem.


The UK Spine Centre treats patients from across the world. We also have a more private area available for VIPs and International visitors if required. All our waiting areas are designed to be comfortable and relaxing with hot and cold refreshments readily available.

Chauffeur Service

We want to make your experience with us as relaxing as possible. That’s why we offer our patients the convenience of our luxury chauffeur service.

Our highly trained drivers will make the round trip from the door of your home or hotel to our clinic, returning you the same day following your treatment. Patients using this service who travel for treatment from around the UK or internationally find this experience transformational. Please call us for more information about our chauffeur service.

International Visitors

We see many International visitors who have travelled far from their home country to access the very best spinal care at the UK Spine Centre.

We can assist with all aspects of your journey for treatment from arranging airport transfers and translators to all standards of accommodation during your visit.

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